Get paid on time

While working for yourself comes with perks such as flexibility and freedom, the financial risk of getting paid late or not at all is real.
Some tools help you create invoices, send reminders, and process payments, but none of them guarantee you get paid on time.
Let's change that.

The platform that increases your chances of getting paid accurately and on time so you can rely on your self-employed income at all times.

Create a payment agreement
Define the payment terms and milestones needed for you to get automatically paid.
Share with a client
Send a link so your client can review the terms, connect a bank account and accept the agreement before you start working.
Get paid on time
Funds will automatically transfer on time based on the agreed upon payment schedule.

There is no reason to put up with late payments and unpaid bills.

Big businesses don't, neither should you. With Kala, there's no more back-and-forth, reminders that get ignored, manual follow-up, or uncertainty about your future. Just you getting paid on time.

Start getting paid on time

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